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Orthocare Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre is a tertiary care multi-specialty hospital located in Bulandshahr. The hospital has a team of experienced doctors trained all over the world and has the most advanced medical equipment under its roof. Orthocare Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre is a combination of talent and technology and believes in prompt and precise treatment to the patients. The hospital has qualified medical personnel and Technician to ensure healthcare delivery of highest quality.

Orthocare Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre committed to provide quality health care at the most affordable rates to all sections of society, irrespective of caste, creed or color. Towards making this possible, we pledge to dedicate all our efforts and all our energies.


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Ambulance Services
Orthocare Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre, Bulandshahr has a well organised strategically placed fleet of ambulances in order to serve the increasing emergency medical needs of Bulandshahr city 24X7.
Outdoor Patient Services
The Hospital facilitates primary and tertiary health care for all kinds of people . Every day over 1000 out patients turn up to the OPD from surroundings areas.All the departments have their OPD facilities with separate examination rooms.
Indoor Patient Services
Our staff cares for the patient whose condition requires admission to the hospital.The patient who enters in the indoor patient care mainly from previous ambulatory care such as a referral from a doctor or emergency departments.
Emergency Care Services
The Hospital is a 24-hour, fully-equipped medical centre, which cares for all kinds of accident victims and emergency cases.The doctors and other medical staff are highly experienced in emergency medical care services.
Operation Theater
The Operation theater is very well equipped with Automatic operation table, with tilting and height raising facility, LED OT lights , operating microscope etc. is available. Operation theater is air conditioned and equipped with heater.
Laboratory Services
We have professional laboratory diagnostic services for patients in our care, as well as collection services for outpatient clinics. We provide clinical laboratory tests for hospital patients, private outpatients, and ambulatory care center patients.
Radiology Services
We offer a wide variety of diagnostic radiology examinations and interventional procedures with state-of-the-art technology. Our expert team provide the best service possible with the latest advances available within the field.
Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy Services at Orthocare Multispeciality Hospital and Trauma Centre provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products, surgical, disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products and nutritional supplements.
Canteen Services
The Hospital has a well-equipped Catering Facility for Patients, their Relatives, Doctors & Staff and even for any walk in person. The primary aspect of canteen is to provide quality and hygienically safe food to all who come in.
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Dr. Anil Kumar Singhal

Orthopedic Surgeon and Consultant
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Dr. Shalini Mohan Singhal

Managing Director
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Dr. Ayushi Agarwal

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon
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